Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm coming back again! *wink* Have to admit that i'm really too free, nothing to do, wanna share something…that's why the purpose i came here. hhahaha.

went to carmen's house. she made lunch for us. i forgot what the dish called. :p it's a type of korean food. this was her first time cooking it and not bad lahh! i still can swallow it HAHA :p thennnn…. we went to find pohyee. the last time i met her was at dec 2013?! hmm, quite long ady. we really didn't meet up for a long time. and of course, when girls together the thing they will do is chit chat and selca. But we didn't selca for this time! weird right?! hahhaa. which we will normally do. :p

listened many stories from py. Is like that laaaa. almost one month didn't meet, sure happened many things around her. some more we are not studying in the same place anymore. we have to go out very often okay! hahaha. and i was quite surprised for the stories :p

don't know why, recently, we like to talk about relationship! HAHA. okay la, we have grown up okay?! Already mature to talk this kind of thing :p and we like to imagine the scene of the future.. influenced by those kdrama! OMG. those kdrama 害人不浅啊! 我们竟然幻想这么多… maybe we are too 'dry' HAHA. staying at home most of the time not good for us ahhh! :p

okay, i had spent some time to read back my previous post. my grammar and my sentences to type in my post were damn FUNNY!! it's just like a kid. Can't stop laughing when i reading them. kept on thinking why i would type this kind of post.. how dare am i?! HAHHA. but if time return back, i would think it was normal… because i had read some of my friends' blogs too!! their post also damn funnyyyy!!! 谁没有过去呢~ tho, it was the best memories for me. and this is the advantage of having a blog too hehee.

staytune :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yoh 2014!

Hello 2014! Hello January! Hello bran new year! :) Yea, I'm turned older, 19 in this year. But, still teen years for me! *noworries*

Finallyyyyyyyy, like for 10000 years I didn't come to update my blog since my last post. Always neglect it. Awww :( *Mommy coming back now* :p Hmm what to say? Hahaaa. I hope 2014 will be a good year for me. ( Everyone said it in the first day of 2014 included me too) 19 years old now,  sorry, should be 18yearsold1month *hiak* I'm not that old la pleaseeeeee It's time to find a boyf? HAHAHAAHA! Suan laaa. 顺其自然bahhhh.

Okayy. I still in my endless holiday now. Being rotting at home since nov last year. :( End my pre-u program and I haven't decided what degree should I study. Most troubling thing in studied life. Haihhhh. Scared choosing a wrong course will waste parents money and my time! Must choose cautiously carefully patiently! LOL. No stress no stress. You still have timesss since the intake mostly are in march/april. Slacking all the times -.-

2. Have been watching lots of dramas and variety shows in this 'holiday'. hohohooo. I have to say that korean drama never let us down. The directors always has special idea to write the script! Really amazed by their thinking? *clapclap* Recently there is a korean drama that I really recommended you all to watch : The Man Who Came From The Star, starring by Kim So Hyun. O.M.G. He is looking good in the drama! *thumbsup* Handsomeeee x1000 than in 'Moon Embraces the Sun'. I'm falling in love falling in love to him….. The storyline is amazing toooo! (Y) Watch it for those who are korean fans or drama fans :p

3.  I did my first job in this year! yeah, first job! As a promoter. Tired like hell. Had been standing from 11 to 9pm. God. I can't describe how tired my legs were and  how thirsty my throat was. :( Maybe I had no experience as a promoter, so it would suffer for me. Though there are many cons for me, but there is pros too! HHAA. I think that day was the day that I spoke more than in normal days. Braved to promote products to customers which I wouldn't do in my past. *clap* Felt sad that my promoting skill was not that good and my speaking skill..maybe.. that caused me couldn't sell many products. ;( okay, i'll improve in the future!

4. 7 days to go and it's CNY! i'm looking forward to it becauseeee….. :p there is something gonna happened on that day. i can't wait for that day to arrive! this is my first time… hehehhe will reveal in in few days more i think ? :)

5. Guys, the background cartoon cute right?! i'm so obsessed with it. *loves* Guess who are them! is a boy korean group. hit group now. and my second fav group after suju oppa. they are toooo cute toooo handsomeee tooo young tooo talented… and manyyy. been laughing so hard while watching to their variety show: EXO's showtime. they are crazyy :p HAHA you guys should watch it! It will cheer you up, no jokes! :)

It's 2.50AM now. hahaa. being night cats for days. i couldn't sleep early and i don't know why. maybe i'm get used to it to sleep late bah. Okay, have to ciao now. Bye.

staytune. :)