Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bye exam!

Finally! Finally! Finally!
wait this day wait until the neck become long.XD

let's me tell you all what happened during exam week.

27 / 5

today, exam seni 2.
dislike subject!
hate draw! :'(
me draw memancing ikan.
but i dinn't look carefully about the question.
it say want memegang, not memancing.
sweat. >.<
luckly BC teacher told me.
if not, 0 marks!!
my drawing just like a sh*t. :P
dinn't have cell of drawing..

another thing is today teacher give us SEJARAH answer.
i am so scared the results come out will gek sei me..
luckly no.

Last time me got 46 marks.
This time got 55 marks.
improve 9 marks!!
i know are less..
but for me..
is cukup liao...
first time take Din Sejarah.
got read book d outcome. :D

26 / 6

that day was exam Geografi and Science.
teacher give many tips for us about science paper 2.
but.. PMR no tips! Dinn't Have! T T
altough teacher got give me tips.
but. me many questions dunno how to answer.
got what way??
ask people lorr.
i know i was tiru-ing..
but PMR i wont did it ..
fong sam.. XD

Geografi - ok ok lorr.
after exam finish.
many people like got confidence to get A's in Geografi.
some people say no read, but come out the results.
A's!! *.*
cant trust them at all. :PP

25 / 6
that day was exam Maths 1, sejarah and Kh.
Math no enough time to do.
when teacher say still got 10 minits.
all people shocked.
me do dou so nervous.
got few questions tembak.XD
ikut girl's number 6 feeling.

when exam Kh.
the Ku zailan scared us lor.
class quiet quiet d..
suddenly shouted : " still got 10 minits!"
everybody stunned dou..O.O
no heart attacked , give you like that shouted also got heart attacked liao lorr.= =!

nothing special during exam week.
all my friends just read and read and read.
we all are last minute only revision d.
the results come out also like egg.XD

exam over jiu over liao.
dun think the results first..
sakit hati..:'(

enjoy my holiday! :DD



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exam gonna Finish!

exam is gonna finish! :)
feel so happy...
no need do revision until midnight already...
panda eye also come out liao.. :'(


tomolo the last paper..
hate it!
me draw dou soooo ugly de...
really no eye see....
cin cai draw lar..
not important de..XD

tomolo will be a long long post..
wait me ba..:)


Friday, May 14, 2010


3 : 0 :23:

when they pertandingan...
already know M'sia gonna lost.....
d markah with CHINA 差很多。。
difficult to chase lor..:16:

can in semi-final den ok liao lar..
altough din in FINAL part!

next time fighting again !!

:34:GO! GO! Malaysia!


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Bithday to Weng Zhen.:9:
Happy Birthday to You!

and also

Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Bithday to Xiao Hui.:6:
Happy Birthday to You!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Movie time!

Iron Man 2!
had watched it on last Friday..

but many 'fei hua'..
rated: 8/10
another movie

IP MAN 2!!
but this just allowed for 18 above..
me ..cant c..
but i can curi curi masuk..XD
wanna ask dad wan watch this movie anot..
at this friday or saturday..

Another Movie again..

 childish movie??
me still a child..
haven reach 18..
wanna watch it too!


this movie many people say nice,,
wanna watch it too..XD

3 movie wannna watch..
exam coming soon..
NO TIME watch ..