Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Super Show 5

Comeback post with the concert I went - Super Show 5! Have been waiting for their concert for a long time and finally I had the chance to meet them in real person! 

Bought the rockzone ticket which was very near to the stage. They were just stood right in front of me! OMG. Can't do anything but just screaming all the way. :p Eyes were too busy to catch with their movement because there had 8 of them! Too bad my bias- Teukie the leader went for the military service :(( SADDD! TT Hope to see you in SS6 / SS7! 

let's photo do the speaking. 

When Kyuhyun and RyeoWook sang the song without Yesung, and the VCR played Yesung's image. That scene really touched all of us! TT Those ELFs around me started crying! 'Yesung, We'll wait you back! <3 p="">

Old man act cute! :p

it's just part of it. 
they never fail to make ELFs laugh, cry….
really had fun on that day.
231113. A day to remember. 
Proud to be ELF. <3 p="">

Will always support you all, the only 13. ^^

- stay tune. -