Thursday, December 15, 2016

Crush's Concert in London

28 November 2016, I had attended Crush Wanderlust Tour in London. Who is Crush? A Korean R&B  and Hip Hop singer. For those who follows the trend of Kpop definitely know who he is. 

The show started supposed to start at 930pm but it dragged till 10pm only started. We waited since 8pm.. :( He sang for about 10 songs and he left around 11pm? It was so shorrttt! I haven't enjoyed enough of it! It definitely a good show where all people squeeze together and sang along together with him. 

The place was not as huge as stadium which normal concert used to be. It was held in a club which in a small size.. Indeed, it was fun as there not much people inside. I had the chance to stand near the stage and saw his face in 1080p HD version. hahahah. (i know it a lil bit exaggerate)

Below is my fancam videos of him. (you guys can view it from my YouTube channel too :) )

This is my favourite song from him, "Don't Forget" <3 i="">

Friday, August 19, 2016

Jay Chou Concert 2016 Malaysia 周杰伦地表最强2016马来西亚站

Yohhh! Finally I decided to make a "comeback" on my blog. Since a long long time I never update my blog. I have let it to die and full of dust on it. heheh.

Okay. Let's update my life story.

This post will be in english and chinese. *bear with it hahah
I had attended to Jay Chou 2016 concert in Malaysia on 06 August. Yes! It's Jay Chou! 周杰伦!地表最强演唱会!这是一场人生一定要去的演唱会!终于我去了!

我和我朋友买了ps5 的票,虽然坐到是离舞台有点远。。(其实是无敌远 哈哈), 不过可以听到周杰伦先生本尊的live,啊啊啊啊,没有遗憾啦!


还是他的旧歌慢歌适合我 哈哈哈。。宝宝是上了年纪的歌迷哦 哈哈 不要笑,你们也是一样!:p
因为周杰伦带给我们会多童年的回忆嘛,都是小学中学听他的歌长大的, 对不对?(对~)

是小编我自己录自己edit的, 支持下呗 哈哈

看了影片,是不是很嗨叻~~ 小编我也超嗨的!犹如在ktv般~超爽的!无遗憾啦啦啦!
好啦, 其实也没啥要说的 哈哈 

- stay tune :) -