Thursday, February 28, 2013



CNY had past two weeks ago.
This year I celebrate CNY here, usually have travel with my family past few years during CNY holiday. :) 
Due to some reason, my parents had cancelled the trip. Awwww :(

Okay, let's me share what I have did in this one week long holiday.

SKIP CHOR 1,2,3 first. Share Chor 4 to you all! :D

Celebrated with ex-seniors.
First station, carmen's house.

10.30am had to be there. But someone had lewat. HAHA :p

Gambled there. Played mahjong. 

( right side one is the house owner. )

Group photo 1!

Changed station! Carmen's house!
( carmen again?! )
oppss. This is heng. just now is lim. surname x same. :p

Eat, eat and eat those chinese biscuits at thr.

opps, i like my hair heree. so red. haha :p

Group photo 2 !

this got some blur. and ignore someone eyes. HAHA ;P
( the purple shirt is the house owner.)

Then, had our lunch before going to next station.

played doctor, killer and spy thr. 
such a nice game! 
and sorry  for always being a killer ya! :p

three of them had their nail art while we playing game.

left side wearing the white shirt with black pattern is the house owner!


Kar Yee's house later.


Xin Yan's house! 


Watched Ah Boy To Men thr. Camwhore thr.

Then, jeat yinn house as last three station! 

spot someone wearing red shirt? house owner!

she has gone for plkn for a month. become darker than before TT
but she said she had a lot of fun and make friends thr!
seems like not bad!

Felt hungryyyy!!
Had dinner at DPC!
but jeat yinn no follow us. she had to pack her thing because the another day she had to back to her camp TT

' 3 people walk ' XD 

the blue light soo got feel :p

Then, walked to sweet yee's house. 
played doctor killer spy again! 

Catherine's house as last station!

the grey shirt is the house owner.


Have a well-spend day with them! <3 p="">