Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday, i had watch finish the drama 谈情说案.
 a nice drama!
i so satisfied of the jie ju.
so sweet..*.*

the two couple
leng zai and leng lui. XD

now..din have any drama i wanna to see jor.
wanna prepare for PMR!
study now!!!

Knight And Day

Friday, i went to watch Knight and Day .
before the movie start, me went to "hang gai".
den i saw a shoes and buy it.
it was too nice and beautiful!
like it.

after that, in cinema.
this movie very chi gek and funny.

Tom Cruise is so leng zai....*.*


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School Reopen

yesterday, school reopen.
lazy lazy wake up.
feel sleepy. yawwwww.

have perhimpunan.
teacher talk many nonsense.XD
but got performance.
its funny!

den back class.
we all talk talk talk.
many story to tell frens?
mesti lor.2 week din saw each other.
miss ya. *.*

den hor.
poh yee suddenly say 谈情说案 The Mysteries of Love  is a nice drama.
and she say raymond lam leng zai!
first time she say a artist leng zai.
maybe me and michelle make her know how to see leng zai liao.
谈情说案 really really a nice drama!
got two leng zai there. 

 -Bad thing
my phone had spoil liao.
sad larr..
the buttons all cant function.
what phone lai de.
feel many thing rosak lorr.
streamyx lar, phone lar, 
next is wat? T.T

July wanna take exam results liao.
scare scare.
this time de results sucks!
 one A only.
die soon. =X

today me have duty.
michelle take her pendrive come. inside got 谈情说案.
den. me, poh yee, xiao min, siaw chin and michelle stay in p.akses watch this movie.
sad neh.
them break up liao.
cry cry cry. so many tears d..XD
but we din really saw all..
juz skip here skip there.
if got lam feng, we stop skip.
coz wanna see him marr.
we are sot-ing..@~@

write until here bah.
today line so fast.
shuang shuang. ^___________^

Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3

Yesterday, me went to watch Toy Story 3.
it was a nice movie!
happen something.

when i reach GSC.
i wanna go to take my ticket.
all my father fault..XD
because hor.
me at internet book ticket mar..
den hor.
i use my dad phone to jod down the number. 
den hor.
my dad tell me a wrong number!
yuan ben is 44903. but he tell me 44093.
the 0 and 9 terbalik!
so fish you know.
i ask the worker there to comfirm.
but the worker say din have din have!!
my face my face...-.-
habisss liao. XD

den i ask dad to take his phone come.
yuan lai is the number wrong liao...
at the end only take dou the ticket.
if not...
"putih pergi" :P

while i am waiting the movie start.
funny de thing happen liao.
* HAHA *
lai lai.
let's me tell you what thing happen.

dang dang dang dang.
i saw a man come in.
that time the cinema inside is no light de.
dark dark de.
so hor.
the man like wan look for his friends.
he look like so gan jiong.
den he dinn't saw the stair.
HE FALL DOWN! * pok gai
luckly few people saw dou.
but i dinn't laugh!
i feel that he will feel very shame lor.
like that pok pok.
very big sound leh.XD

dont talk this thing liao.
say back the movie.
the movie really nice and touch.T.T

 you all can go see see..:)

i wanna change my blogskin liao.
after the internet good bak liao.
den i jiu want change liao.
wait bar.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Come back

My bloggieee..
many days din update u jor...
lai lai lai let's update!

this holidays
no go where makan angin
just stay at home
and less hang out with friends
do guai guai lui

one words can describe in this holidays
nothing do
feel time pass so slow-wwwww.
every day sleep late and wake up late
i know no good for body but i still want do that
bad girl XD

feww online in this holiday.
because of the NOOB LINE!!!
hate it larrrr
using the broadband to on
wanna watch drama also so susah
you all know that
wanna watch a drama
want wait 3 - 4 hrs. >.<
just can watch finish.
wanna scream jor!!!
calm down calm down calm down. 

dun say the noob line liao
broke my mood
lai lai.
talk another thing.
my jiu jiu's daughter
so cute.
only one minggu no see her.
she is grow up abit liao.
wait you grow up. :)

Last Friday.
i went to gotong-royong.
for clean up the library.
was a mess-sy!
how am i? a tanggungjawab pps ryte? XD
whole library also dust..
breath so difficult nehhh..
all people sneezing there.
and i..
continue sneezing and yawning..ZZzzZZ
after habis clean up
me and friends went to play badminton.
but we go there by walking!
that day was so hot-t!
nobody fetch.
so sendiri walk lorr..
we played dou so tired but feel happiee.. 

and A big thing.
forget to say yesterday in blog.


heeessss... :)
next time belanja you makan. ^ Y ^

i gonna go watch TOY STORY 3

last part .
so wanna watch!

still have feww days then want reopen school jor..
enjoy your holidays !
and Happiee 端午节.