Friday, March 23, 2012

Those days, we LAUGH, CRIED, CRAZY in Langkawi!

Listen to Madam Pei's word, I am here to update my langkawi post la! :P

Many GLs' were updated their blog about the trip.
我也mm zap xu la! XD

Although the content is almost same as my GLs'..
 管他呢,update 就是了。:P


Reached school.
Put luggage and naik bus.
All of GLs' ♥ already started making noise and chit-chatting around.

the 'ghost' XD

spot the guy who wear 帽子 -  *izit you just came out from a surgery just now and rush to here straight*
Awwww, sam fu sai! :PP

8 hours journey in bus started lo....
We kept talking in the bus..laughing..
mmg likeaboss huh. :D


Finally, reached jeti.

The sky still dark. 

Bushed teeth in the public toilet.
Had a breakfast that made from Piing's mum.
Thankiuuu auntie for making us bread! :D
It's yummy!

Waiting for the ferry, took a nap!
Totally tired.

* copy from piing's blog

In ferry.

We all were semangat balik after a short nap.
Cam-whore! :D

First station - Kilang Gamat.

the minyak.

First group picha. Yeahhh~~

After having lunch, back to our 'home'- Amzar motel.

Quickly opened the air-con.
Felt survive.XD

Hmm, no much to say.  

Let those picha do the talks.



Girls turn! 
So hot ahh. 

SEEEE ! :)

We <3 Langkawi gangs! :P

With our teachers who in the center. 
Fai is the only guy. :P

The next day night...

GLs cried together.
Shhhh, secret of GLs.
We no sleep for whole night.
Keep chatting. :)

3 days 2 nights trip of Langkawi 告一段落。。
I won't forget it!