Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011

Finally, I wanna write a new post.
Chinese New Year passed for few days.
Now, I wanna post about my CNY!

I celebrate my CNY at Singapore.
This year, I dinn't went to foreign country.
Just went to most nearest counry - Singapore.
But, better stay at home lorh.XD

That day, I woke up at 5.30am.
So early right@@
Like the time I wanna go to school.
Then, went to my grandma hse.
Wait my Jiu Jiu reached.
he was Late!
We all waited him only.
He reached grandma hse around 8am.
Waited him almost 1 hrs I think.
He said he slept late.
Haih, forgive him bah.

Then, started our trip.
Drive to Singapore.
It use 5 hrs to reached Singapore I think.
Pass the custom, we totally reached Singapore!
My phone dinn't have any line.
I can't sms with my friends.TT

Started find our hotel.
OMG, we totally dunno where the way should go to reached our hotel.
Luckly We had GPS!
It help us alot!
Thanks. =]

5pm, reached our hotel.
Rest awhile, 8pm went out.
We visted this place.
Dunno there called what name.

The Merlion.
We take alot pic at there.
Wanna View them?
Go my Facebook! =D

Second day.
We still at Singapore.
This day, we wanna went to Universal Studio.
We came to Singapore 的主要目的 was went to there!
If S'pore din have U.S, we wont come here actually.
We took bus go.
I had sit bas experience because of S'pore.
We almost take bus go to we wanna go de place.xD

Dang dang, reached.

We took alot pic at thr too!
Then, went inside with our ticket.

We play alot game inside there.
It din have different with Japan's Universal Studio.
We played inside there almost one day.
Damn tired.
Our leg pained until~~~~
Can benkak ady.XD

Third day.
Still at S'pore.
But this was the last day we stayed at S'pore.
We went to Sentosa.
The weather was so hot!
We went to 海底世界.
We also watched a show.
Dolphin and 海豹.

After that, went to Casino.
大人 them went to Casino to have a visit.
小孩们 went to Candylicious.
A place sell many sweet and chocolate!
Children like here very much.

Sure, I had bought some chocolate.
It was expensive.!@@

Back hotel.

Wake up early.
The day wanna left S'pore.
Bye Bye S'pore.
I wont went there anymore. =P

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