Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Call Me Nobody.

Yesterday, me went to see movie with parent.
This was the first time I went to see movie in December.
See, how pity was me.TT

Okayyss, lets say the movie.
I saw the movie called Just call me nobody 大笑江湖.

Original, i wanna book the ticket was Tron.
But, finished ady.
What a sad thing.
Then I choose this movie.

8pm, reached OU.
I went to take ticket first.
Then, went to buy shoes.
Few day school reopen liao, now I only realize that I had alot of school's thing haven buy!
So, xiuuuuuuuuuuu...
Buy shoes!

After bought finish, the time the movie started.
Bought popcorn and soft drink.
Skip skip skip..
The conclusion was this movie was quite bored for me.
Altough it got some funny, but me felt not funny enough.
Hmm, bored lar.XD

Finish post.

Past ♥과거

25th & 26th December

25th December.
JIngle bell, jingle bell, jingle all around.....
As you all know, today is Christmas Day.
My friends, you all sure went to shopping or celebrate.
For me, stayed at home.
Do what?
Night, my home had BBQ!
My cousins were come my house celebrate christmas with us.

My mood, sure felt excited.=D
7pm, outbreak of fire.
After waited the coal become red in colour, can started BBQ!
We  roast chicken wing, satay.XD
50 chicken wing and 100 satay.
Eat dou we sot.:D
Roast roast roast,
Eat, Eat eat,
full ady.

My christmas day simple celebrate.

26th December.
Sunday, dad brought us and cousin went to taman pertanian.
And my dad said was a four season's home lai de.
I thought was a air-con place.
Mana tau, that place, like zoo negara.
Hot dao.
wanna walked very long only reached the four season home.
And I thought inside had spring summer autumn winter's decoration.
mana tau, only had winter's decoration.
really faint.@@

Inside thr, very cold.
the temperature negative 7 celcius.XD
wow, cold dou syok syok.
There had real snow, snowman.XD
But inside there very small nia.
walk tak cukup 30 mins already can went out.
Between, I love inside temperature.
Cold! = ]

5pm, went to Sunway Pyramid.
That day, really many people went thr.
Car park almost full!
We 好不容易only found a carpark place.
Inside, crowded.x[
We went to have our dinner - PizzaHut.
After finish eating, we went to popular.
Bought some books.
Then, back home.

Past ♥과거

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

23rd of December.

Forgive me that I had late to post this post. ><
See the title, and see back today's date.
It's late for many time.!

23rd, the day of PMR students to take their results! 
Including me too.
I went to school around 10++am.
Reached, I found my friends were all at pokok cemerlang.
Sure, I went campur them too!
11am, the time to release the results.
We went to Laman Maluri and lined up following our class.
 No need said, my heart was beat quickly, Nervous man!
I scared the result came out was not the result that I expected!

Dang Dang, I saw my result!
Oshhhh, one word : shocked!
The result was better than I expected!
Can't imagine. =]
I'm felt satisfied with my result.

My dad saw my result, he get shocked too.
Because he can't believe that.
Dad, your daughter also pandai de! XD
I dinn't get any reward.
But, never mind lar.=]

Last, congrats to those who get good results and those who sad of their result, gambateh in SPM! 
You still have chance.! =D

Okaysss, sayonara

Past ♥과거

I Miss You!

I Miss You Pictures, Images and Photos 

I miss you! 
My computer!
Friends, finally i'm back.
I had many days dinn't online.
Because of my stupid connection line, can't connect!
I was scared to see this such thing happen.
My holidays, no computer accompany me,my holidays was lifeless.

Finally, today the workers were came to fixed back.
I'm so exited, friends!
Okayss , stop say those stuff thing.
Will post a new posts later!

Stay tunned.

Past ♥과거

Monday, December 06, 2010

My Birthday!

4 / 12

Today is my big big day.
My birthday! =]
I went to Tesco @ Menjalara with Siaw Chin, Xiao Min, Michelle, Boon Kok,Kim Min and Wei Fung.
A cartoon movie.
Hmmm, quite fun.
But, i dinn't like the part they sing at all.
Its Bored at that part.

Most i like the part is they put the sky lantern.
That part was so touch!!
If who had watched this movie, will understand me saying what and my feeling.

After watched finish, shopping in tesco.
U all know de lar..
How big the tesco.
30 mins can walk finish.><

Around 5pm, back home.

My dinner were MCD, PizzaHut,Chicken Wings.
So full. ^__^

Time to sing birthday song.XD
Then cut cake.

Picha time..

  my cake.

the present from Xiao Min.

the present from Wei Fung.

Thanks the presents !

And I also wanna thanks the people who wish me on Facebook, through sms and call!

Especially Michelle, she call me and sang birthday song to me!
that moment I had speechless.
Dunno say what.
Just thanks thanks thanks.XD

Anyways, thanks all my beloved friendsss!

-  Past ♥과거 -

Friday, December 03, 2010

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sorry That I Love You

 倪安東 - Sorry That I Love You

For all of the time that i tried for your smile
For making you thing that i was worth the while
So your love love love love love would be mine
For sending your flowers and holding your hand
That no one was there to take u stand
But then love love love made us blind
And I'm so sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry i was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that it came true
But sorry dosent can turn back time
For all that i have done to you
I wish that i could make it right
So sorry that i loved you
Sorry that i needed you
Sorry that i held you tight
And I'm So sorry for
Making you love me and saying goodbye
For being the one that taught you how to cry
It was love love love and it passed us by
For given you every thing that you dreamed
For taking it back when i fled the scene
sorry love for wasting your time
And I'm so sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry i was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that it came true
But sorry dosent can turn back time
For all that i have done to you
I wish that i could make it right
So sorry that i loved you
Sorry that i needed you
Sorry that i held you tight
And apology now after all of this time
Won't make my difference tonight
But I'm hoping I'm Sorry will open your mind
To love love love love in your life
Sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry i was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that it came true
But sorry do can't turn back time
For all that i have done to you
I wish that i could make it right
Sorry That I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry i was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that it came true
sorry dosent can turn back time
im So sorry that i loved you
im Sorry That I hurt you
im So sorry that i loved you
im so Sorry That I hurt you
im So sorry that i loved you

LOVE this song!!

-  Past ♥과거 -

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starplus --> Kheng Fai's House --> Pan Mee

Today, i hang out with my frens!
two week dinn't go out ady.
so this time out mom sure give de.XD

9am, i went to starplus for badminton.
see, second time wake so early.XD
me come the 1st, den pohyee come after me.
we two wait carmen lim,weng zhen and kheng fai.
they all really very punctual.
carmen 9.30 come.
weng zhen and jeat yinn oso punctual.
except kheng fai!
paling lambat.
Poh Yee call him, he say coming.
coming still can hear home phone.
He pro!

We book two hours.
So few people at there.
Oni some 'cat zai'XD
Play dou so tired! =]

After play finish, 12 pm ady.
Then walk to fai's house.
hmmm, very near oni.XD
We chat thing , visit fai's house.
Weng Zhen lagi gaolat.
treat him like at sendiri de home.

Then, walk to eat lunch - Pan Mee.
Woww~~so far.
The weather was HOT!
at pan mee thr, no electrik.
HOT ar!>.<
We eat our pan mee sambil wait the long yan nai aunty come.
But, no electrik!
the mechine cant work.
so no long yan nai.:'(

Walk back fai's house.
We chat again.

After Pohyee and Carmen Lim back home.
left 3 people at fai's home.
Then, me and weng zhen play pohyee.XD
we lie her !
She trust us!
Play dou so syok.

Pohyee send to zhen's phone, den use my phone reply her.
Pohyee send to my phone, den use zhen's phone reply her.
Pohyee wanna kisiao ady.XD
About 4pm, home sweet home!

-  Past ♥과거 -

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Computer!

Hey Guys, miss me right!
I know u did.XD
One week I no online!
Clap for me.

When me wanna online, the internet got some problem.
Can't on it.TT
So, i watch my drama.
Tell u all, I had almost watch finish all the drama I bought.XD
super geng? =DD

Today, open my facebook.
Many thing wan to check.
And i feel weird, why many people change their profile pic to cartoon picture.
Then I ask Pohyee.
Finally I know the reason!
See, the consequences.
Now, u all will see me on9 everyday!

Hmmmmm, tomorrow post again.


- Past ♥ -

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pasar Pagi & OU

Today is Sunday.
Today I 8 am already wake up!
U din see wrong, 8 AM! *miracle*
so early right.
Normally at weekend, I evening only wake up.
Dun tell u all what time I wake up.XD
Later u all  be scared :P

Wake up so early just wanna teman parents went to pasar pagi at maluri.
But, 真正目的was I wanna buy discs!
If not, I wont wake up so early!>.<

I bought many discs.XD
In this holidays, I wont feel bored ady.
Oh yeass!
So, my friends, u will less see me on9.
Because half of my time is spend at my drama!
Dun miss me ya! * perasan*

5 pm, *xiu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
fly to OU.
today my two brother din out with us,
because they had basketball practise.
Oh yeass,,,less them i very happy.XD
Only me and dad and mum!

I saw OU's car parking had paint new colour.
Wow.look like very new.XD

My dinner: 汤师傅.
this restaurant all food are all in medicinal material make de.
so 补. 
but, not nice at all.
the rice keras keras de.
very difficult to swallow.
 This type of food, eat one time already enough. ;]]
Hmmmm, wanna post de thing already post out.XD
Enjoy urself bah!

-Past ♥ -

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Badminton & Siaw Chin's house

15 / 11 Monday

Yesterday, me went to play badminton with my friends at Starplus.
Me went thr late!
Me 9.20am only reached thr.
Sorry guys!
But, boon lee late then me!

9.30am, start playing.
we book 1hrs.

11++, went to chin's hse.
at thr, we play piano, watch ghost movie - Mirrors 2.
This movie so disgusting + scare .
Almost whole the movie, i closed my eye!

Around 4, home sweet home.

- Past ♥ -

Sunday, November 14, 2010


13 / 11 Saturday

Yesterday, i had went to Mo -Mo paradise with friends.
When me reached thr, piing and toong already reached.
I am the third one.
Poh Yee come after me.
We waited them almost 30 mins.
They all were unpunctuality.
say ady 6 pm wan reach.
but all after 6 only reach.

We start our dinner at 7 something.
We took our food.
And start eating. 
Everyone seem like so hungry.XD

After eat finished, take photoss.
I had took alot of pic.
All in facebook. ;D

Here some photo share.
the birthday's boy , my gor gor.XD

 A big happy family. =D

Chat chat , take take photo.
After that, they decided had second round on Spicy @ Menjalara.
Because the time was so early.
But outside thr was raining, but very small only.
So, decide went to Tesco!

Just walked around inside.

10 sumthing, call mummy fetch me home.

Yesterday, I had a Fun day in Mo-Mo with my beloved friends.♥ 

- Past ♥ -

Friday, November 12, 2010

Random =]

Dunno what day. 
I had watch a movie - Unstoppable.

this movie quite nice.
very gan jiong.XD

its talked about a  freight train uncontol.
inside there no people control.
then the train sendiri go on its track.
and 越走越快.><

den the two guys *the poster that two
help to stop the train.
they try to stop the train thr very dangerous and aslo gan jiong.XD

Hmmm...dunno how to say lah.
If u got see this movie, u will know wat i saying about.
Anyway, this movie, Nice! 

- Past ♥ -

Thursday, November 11, 2010


10 / 11 Wednesday

Yesterday , i went to Jusco with carmen chew and zhi jia. 
 3 people go oni.XD
At there, we meet many friends - 3E and 3G de.
We watch the movie - The Other Guy
I told u all, dont be shocked.XD
this movie just have 9 people watch only. * if i din count wrong
9 people?!!!
1st time me see movie so few people watch.

The movie quite funny and talk some nonsense thing.XD
We went to have our lunch.
We eat Tokoyaki.  * dunno how spell
They give us many 芽菜.
I hate.
I giv all 'ya cai' to carmen chew.=]
We belanja Zhi Jia because he belanja us the ticket.

Eat finished.
Lelong in Jusco.
U all know de lar.
Jusco so 'big'.
no place go.

4pm, we sit on a bench.
we sit there sambil wait mum fetch.
until 5 pm.XD
no choice.
because we had walk until boring in Jusco.
so decided sit down wait until mum come.

Time to back.
No picha for tat day. x)

- Past ♥ -

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make Cake.

9/10 Tuesday.

Went to Siaw Chin's house.
I went there for play.
Because stay at home wass sooo boring.
I DIN NOT LOVE U, Holidays.

At there, siaw chin, I , carmen chew had make cake.
Hmmm, especially tats not kira cake lar...
Dunno call wat name ady.
the cake wat me make.XD

We this three 'child'.
Din have so much experience in make cake.
So, ikut the instruction of the book say.

First, take out the butter.
Second, melt the chocolate.
3rd, mix the flour.
4nd, mix the flour into the butter.
5nd, roll them together.

 then, we put this into refrigerator for 30 mins.

While waiting, we chat alot of things.
Shhhhh...can't let u all know.x)

the alarm ring.
Means cukup masa.
Then we take out the thing.
And cut it.

Then, we take out the chocolate also.

After we cut the thing, we put it into the oven.
Then, wait it bake, we go play piano.

Play dou shuang shuang, we smell some 'wei dao'
OMG! our cake.
become black ady.
can't even eat.
Charm lorr..
later chin's mother scold us waste the ingredient.
Nevermind, we still have some haven put in to the oven.
Do tats .
At the same time, her mom back!
Her dad said : outside also can smell it, i know it bakar ady.
Her mom come check and ngam ngam ngam.
i know is our fault.
we din see the cake.
Let's it bakar.

The second time, Success.
But, i had went home.
So i no taste the cake.
Hmmm, nvm bah.
next time do again?XD

- Past ♥ -


 Holiday start.
Nowaday, me wanna become a panda ady.
Every night, online until midnight.
And the next day, sleep until evening only wake up.
I know not good for health.
But, early wake up also bored.
So, late wake up same as early wake up.
So, decision is LATE wake up!;D

Hmmmm, i will update my blog soon.
About my holidays outing.
Stay tunned! =]

-Past ♥ -

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Just For 3 Cekal.


I had make a video for 3 Cekal!
very got 成就感!

View it , my friends!

Monday, November 01, 2010


Today, as usual, me went to school.
After two more days, form 3 student have their holiday ady.
*childish =P*

Morning, form 3 PPS went to library for cleaning.
I arrange the table, mop the floor.
I'm a responsible PPS!

Last two period, we went down dewan for listen a taklimat about form 4 de.
Its say about wat class wat class.
And the teacher also tell us wat class we will study next year.
Gan jiongggggggg~~~~~~
I heard my name.
Next year i study in 4B.
same class with my beloved friends.
COME! *hug* =]

But sad thing is 3C students all seperate ady.
some go 4A, some 4B, some 4C, some 4D.
conlusion, 4A until 4E also got our class people.

4B class, many people i dunno.><
Most of them from 3A.
especially the boyss...
half of the boys are from 3A.

Good thing is can know more friends.
Not bad lah.XD
Tomorrow teacher said school will give us form 4 text book.
so fast give us text book.
want us study in holiday??
Clam down.x)

Wednesday will change class acording to our class.
scare weh.
But, can stay with my friends.
It's okay for me.=]

-Past ♥ -

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Farewell Seniors.

Friday. Can say it was a sad day for Form 5 seniors and of course include all of us! TT

We - Form 3 seniors had be choosen to sing 3 song on the farewell party.
We spend our whole day in the library.
Decoration, practise and whateva.
We were so cooperation.=]

The perfomance time was near and near.
The bell was rang.
All librarians were stand at outside of the library.

The time to start.
Our new pengerusi - Syahirah was give some speech.
Teacher turned.

After that, we watched slide show. 
Quite Fun.
It was credit by J.J.XD
Slide-show over, it the turn of our perfomance.
We all were soooooooo nervouss!!
When PMR also wont like that.
COME. 深呼吸~~~
The song we sang were We're All in This Together and 手牵手.
I was stand at the first row.
Scared scared weh. :'(
May Kei and Han Qin sang 祝福.
We helped sang the chorus.
 This song was soooooooo sad!! TT TT
If u guys had heard this song before, the chorus was sooo touched.
When we sang the chorus, some of the Form 5 seniors had cry!
And some of us also.
The surrounding feeling like we gonna perpisah after that.
No way! 

Between, we had successed!
Because we had make seniors cry!
At first, we still scared them will cry anot.
But results show that we were success!!

Then, have lunched.
Take photo can't be less.




Before and after. =]

- Past ♥ -

Stay back!

As i had told before, that day i had went to Pusat Sains Negara.
After that, i had to stay back for practise Friday PPS programme.

Those picha what we had did that day.
I had combined it.
Hope u all like it.

That day we were busying to discuss thing and clean the library.
We wanna show the best to Form 5 Seniors.

- Past ♥ -

Pusat Sains Negara.

Hey readars, finally upate my blog.
Thursday, i went to Pusat Sains Negara.
I went that place before, when i was young. =]

We can't visited all due to they wanted to renovation.
We put our bag in a big big basket.
Because they say can't bring bag inside.

After that, we went to a lab for make Kaleidoscope.


 Our kaleidoscope.
Done successs.XD

Then, we went to a hall to see the work did those experiment.
and some i ever see.
Quite shock. x)
There also have some kindergardens student.
Guey lou child.
After this, we went in a lab to do second experiment.
Purple cabbage indicator.

We put those chemical in a indicator.
And it change colour.
Zang zang...
our 成果..

Nice? =]

Then, do what?
Of course PLAY!

Here the picha what we had play.

Time to back.

- Past ♥ -

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

View It!



















- Past ♥ -

Menara KL

Pon Pon Pon~~
I'm coming! =]

Today as you guy know, me went to KL Tower.
When reached, we wait and queue at the lobby thr.
A and B bus's student went in to watch video except bus C's student.
I'm in Bus C.
We feel waste time soo don wan in.
After waited them came out, start 'fly' up to the highest place of KL Tower.

Honestly, i felt bored when i at up there.
Just see the views...
tats all!
Nothing special.
Sure, take photo too.
Can't miss this!xD
Same word : wanna view those photo, FACEBOOK!=]

After view finished, we went to a forest beside the KL tower.
Teacher said this forest is only one in KL.
very important,XD
Inside thr nothing see.
Just see the trees, leaves, tats all.

We walked through a suspension bridge.
Jump on thr.
After walked on the road, we felt not balance.
Because of the bridge.
*Fing Fing Fing.xD*

Then, had our lunch.
the food at thr were expensive!
But due to our hungry-ness.XD
we decide to eat mushroom soup.
the taste not bad.
can in stomach.:PP

Around 12.30 pm.
wanna back ady.
We walked so longg the way .
Because our bus park at far far far place.
Bus B so good.
Just near the KL Tower.
Pity us.
Tired leh!
Finally, saw our bus.>.<

On the way, keep take photo.
our hobby.XD

Bus Uncle, can u repair ur bus.?
Ur bus gonna no engine ady.
Hou sam him lar.....
go repair lar.
keep no engine.
Lucky din "sei fo"...
if not, from KL walk back Maluri.

Originally, we can back to scol at 1 like tat de.
Suddenly got wat JPJ come sportcheck...!
Dunno he check wat.
I din go 8.XD

When we reached scol, already LATE LATE LATE!
Most of the student had back home expect Bus C de.T^T

Lets share some photo.
KL Tower.

wanna in the suspension bridge ady.

Photo sharing until here.XD

Tomorow Pusat Sains Negara.
Wait me!

-Past ♥ -

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sky Bridge.

Tuesday~ Tuesday~ Tuesday~
Today is Tuesday.XD
Who dunno this day is Tuesday. * me dunno..:P

Today i went to Sky Bridge @ KLCC.
 I thought thr will some thing special at thr.
But....nothing special.
Just see the view from the bridge..
see the car , people macam mana small.XD

Love this pic!

Sure, we take alot photo.
Wanna view those photo.
Go Facebook!=]

After view finsh, had our lunch!
I had my yummy spageti!
Poh Yee help me eat also.
Because me too full ady.><
Thanks yarh!x]

Tomolo go to Menara KL!
Expect it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Petro Sains @ KLCC


Today we went to Petro Sains @ KLCC.
I never went before this place.
so exited!x)

First, we wanna sit a car go in.
our 'car'.

inside thr..
have many game to us play.XD
Have alots fun at thr.

Not to say alot.
want to experience.
Go urself bah! =]]
Stop here.

Wanna see those photo.
View my Facebook!

- Past ♥ -

Aquaria @ KLCC

First trip for form 3. 
It was went to Aquaria @ KLCC.
We reached there around 10am.
it was open at 11am.
so we have our breakfast thr.
we had spagetti thr.
It was delicious.
After that, we drinks starbucks coffee.
this was the first time i drink!

Is the time to go in.
we saw many fish and animal inside thr.
and we also touched a young shark.XD
its skin was SMOOTH~

 After that, we walked walked walked.
See see see.

Around  1 am..
we went back.

Enjoy this trip very much!

- Past ♥ -

Monday, October 18, 2010

转身以后 Bii

有些是想说明 我的决定
不想问不想听 这段感情
听我说 从今后
没有我 的时候
不在拥有 彼此的温柔
虽然心很痛 却只能说
分开之后 我就要远走
不想问不想听 这段感情
听我说 从今后
没有我 的时候
不在拥有 彼此的温柔
虽然心很痛 却只能说
分开之后 我就要远走
不在拥有 彼此的温柔
虽然心很痛 却只能说
分开之后 我就要远走

zang zang..!
i change my song from 没关系 to 转身以后..
Nice song too.!

- Past ♥ -


wee wang wang.........XD
i am back my lovely blog again!
miss me? LOL!

now, wanna share my school life story.
Enjoy lurr...=D

Friday. Teacher have give us a piece of paper.
about Form 4 .
it is about u wanna choose what class next year.
Until now i also feel confuse that i wanna choose science class or account..>.<

After that, many people went out for help of SPBT.
we at class play UNO!

Then, we change class with 4D.
coz them wanna use our class for exam.
sure, we wanted to go their class.

At there, weng zhen teach xue wern play guitar.
dang dang!!

While we play dou shuang shuang..
Ku zailan in our class.
Can't listen them play guitar!
our last two period..

- Past ♥ -