Friday, March 18, 2011


Now, I prefer playing Tumblr!
Facebook is so lag nowadays. Become 'lagbook'.
I dinn't have that patient to wait it!
So, I change to play tumblr.
Hmm, quite okay.
It just reblog the picture or like the picture.
I saw many nice picture!
Awwww.. =DD

So, let's show some picture to you all.

These are the picture I seen in Tumblr.
Still have alot nice picture.
But I lazy to post it out.

So, do u wanna play tumblr now? XD
Come, let's join! =D

Past ♥과거

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hey Hey You You!!

Hey Hey You You..
Finally I Be back! =D
Miss me??

I knew that my blog had full of dust. * ha chiu~~ *
Almost one month dinn't update my blog.
Paiseh nehhhh.
Lazy to update.

Many things have to post.
So dunwan update better.XD
Lets it stay at original place.

Okays lar.
I'll try my best.
Update my blog soon yah!

Wait me! 

Past ♥과거