Monday, December 26, 2011

One Utama Outing again.

24 / 12

It's Christmas Eve.
Went to OneUtama with CarmenLim again.
The second outing with her.
Last time we went there was just want to take the tickets.
Readers, still remember? 

Carmen had post about our outing on her blog <-- Click it!
You all can know what had we done that day.

As carmen's blog there no photo for that day, 
let's the picha do some talking. :D

After buying Chatime, went to Neway sing k.
The second time we went there.

Our room.

My Chatime, Green tea flavour.

Bad photo quality. :(

Finish singing, went to 

Bought ice cream to eat.
Indirectly intro by Pei. :P
One word describe : YUMMMY!!!

Our dinner.

Sushi! <3

I'm so full after eating those.
Cannot move ady. :P

 Spot my nails.
Haha. ;D

Home sweet home.

 - Fight for your happiness. -

Friday, December 16, 2011

Surprise + Sad.

Just now went to view Pei's blog.

I saw a post.
Feel surprised leh!
Doesn't think before u will type ur view on me and other of course.
Thanks for praising my EQ ah.
It's really high! ;P
Next year turn u suffer leh la! 
Hiak hiak.
I will give back u a hug de. <3
*joking ah py.
I'm really like to listen to u all saying others bad things.
I'm so enjoy of it!
Next year not same class with u ady.
Can't 8 things liaoo.
I'm sure I will miss a lot! 

I watched 'Love You You' this movie.
I went to that place before.
But real view doesn't same as the movie.
In the movie, the sea, sand are more NICE!
Maybe edit before? XD

At start, I'm blur of it.
Feel boring and donno the storyline saying what.
But at last, TT.
So touched!.

Recommend to you all!
Is a nice movie. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

小资女孩向前冲! Office Girls

This post would be type in chinese. :D

好看 + 搞笑 + 伤心  的说,
那就是 —————— 
小资女孩向前冲‘ 啦!

告诉你们, 谁还没看的,‘拉拉声’ 去看!:P


邱泽 饰演 秦子奇。
在戏里面, 他超幼稚的!
幼稚到掉渣. :P
不过, 我觉得他蛮帅的。*哈哈*

她饰演沈杏仁, 也是子奇的女友。

他, 是很重要的角色。
原因是—————— 他很搞笑!
他说的话,做的动作, 都让我眼前一亮!
总之, 赞一个啦!;P

还有其他 ‘ke lei fei',我就不要介绍了。XD

郁可唯 - 微加幸福  大爱啊! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

M.O.A concert.

3 / 12

Last Saturday, I went to watch a concert.
Yea, the second concert I went. 

It held at MBPJ Stadium.

Evening, I met my friends at ktm.
We sat train.
Then, we turn to sat bus.
Around 5pm, we reached there.

The concert started on 7.30pm.
But already many people waited at there.
Especially those who bought the rock zone tickets.
In the early morning already waited at there.
Hope can stand at a good place to see their idols.

We bought a lot peripherals.
Of course, I bought Super Junior's.
I'm a CRAZY fan of suju! :D

 I bought this files.
First I want bought one set.
But it cost rm 200.
so give up.
Bought my lee teuk <3
Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk were my brother bought one.

Their fan.

I bought this! 
Can wave it in the concert.

After buying those peripherals, we were waiting the time.
That time was so HOT!

We felt bored and started to take photo.XD

Narcissism ME. ;P
Owhh, my face was so red! o.o
Too hot ady.

Me and my friend - Hui Ling.

Random ;P

Is the time to enter.
My seat was not same as last time anymore.
Not at rock zone anymore.
I'm at the farthest place.
I saw them in small size. TT


Blue colour !
They are ALL E.L.F.! 
Dunno E.L.F is what? ASK me.

First debut was Miss A.
They sang Goodbye Baby, I can't breathe....
Then was B1A4.
Beautiful Target, My Love..
F(X) time.
Hot Summer, NU ABO, La Cha Ta....

The first song was SUPERMAN!
ALL of us were started shouting!
Included me too.
Crazy ady.
They appeared.
We more crazy.
I shouted until the last song.

They are sooooooooooo AWESOME and HANDSOME! 
They are deserved to be SUPER JUNIOR.
Their power cannot be neglected! 

Yesung had a special stage.
He solo to sing 'Its had to be You'.
The last song they performed of course was SORRY, SORRY! 
Which is the HOTTEST song of them.

After that, time reached.
We had to say goodbye to them .
When they will come to Malaysia again? D;

E.L.F wait YOU! :P


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Friday, December 02, 2011

2PM concert. :D


I know it was late. 
But, I still want post it! 

Last Friday, I went to 2PM concert. 
OMGawd! They are so leng zai.
I was in Rock Zone.

I was so near with them! :D 

Before the concert start, we took some photo outside the stadium.

 Carmen with 2PM's hands up shirt.
This shirt will be wear by them in the concert.

I bought this file. 

And this fans.
I felt no satisfied with it. Because it not very beautiful and the cost were expensive. D:

Carmen's finger nails.
She painted her nails - 2PM ! 
How crazy is her. :P

Two of us. ;D

So many people.

Around 6 something, we started to line up.

All people 挤在一起~
So sam fu ahh.
Difficult to breath.
Some of them was push here push there.
Some of them was jump the queue. :(
Malaysian are like that one. XD

The sky was started rain.
Some of the fans started shout " MASUK~MASUK~"
But the guard not care about them
They didn't open the door for them cause the time haven reach yet.

Sky became dark and dark.
Finally, the door opened.
Started push infront people to go in faster.
Then the guard said ' dont push dont push! U can go in one.'
But no one care. 

Included me. :P
Finally into the stadium.

Show started! 
Everyone started to shout! 

The first artist came out - Henly.
Handsome. ;D

After that, the highlighted appeared!

Used all the power to shout! :P

I know it was blur. TT
Jun Ho and Woo Yong.

Yea. I was so near with them! :D

I just took some photo of them.
And videos.
But I failed to upload here. :(

2 hours concert finished.
I felt time flies.

After that, Carmen and me went to find Nichan.
Nichkhun's brother.
I took many photos of him.

So charming. :D

I TOUCHED his hand!

Crazy liaoo.

Home sweet home.


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthdayyy! :D

Heyyyy, happy birthdayy ahh! :D

Hmm, u said u want a long post for this. But, try my best la! XD

16 years old loh.
Old ady.
Next year SPM, ga yao la!

Hmmm, we know each other 4 years i think xD
Long daooo~~


Be happy always!

Zavier Chong.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2PM concert ticket!

Dang dang dang dangg~~~!!!
This post is about the surprise.

Last friday, my friend - Carmen was calling to the 8tv to win tickets.
We just want to test our luck.
If lucky, we can get the call.
We really called many tiimes.
Over 100 times ady!
The 100 times always are 'your num has dial is ....'
Means fail to call.
But we no give up!
Keep calling!
Suddenly, 'du du~~',
Appeared on carmen's phone.
OMG! That person accepted carmen's call!
Really unbelieveable when carmen talked with the person.

When she sang 2PM's song, the MC were :O <-- shocked. because it was so good! Yea! WE WIN RM638 TICKETS! This is my first time and also carmen go to concert! The concert is on tomorrow. 25 - 11 - 2011! FRIDAY! Wohoooo!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Dinner Eve.


Last Friday night, I attended my tuition teacher - Ms Ng wedding dinner eve.
Before that, I went to my friend house.
And that day really was a big surprise for me and carmen!
What surprise? 
Check out the next post bah. ;)

After eating, we played game.
That game was really fun.
Hmm, we used poker card. Then we set our own fake name.
When we take the card same with other, we need to call the fake name which is the one taking the card.
I don't know how to explain la. :P
Something like this.XD

Around 11pm, home sweet home.

Here some photo :

Really like this photo.
Got feel. ;)

Forever sweet yea. ;D

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- fight for your happiness. -