Monday, January 31, 2011

A Green Hornet.

Yesterday, the weather was super duper cold.
Whole day raining non-stop.
can imagine how cold? ><

At home help dad them clean home.
See, I am a good girl. =]
After that, dad asked me to book the ticket of  The Green Hornet [ 3D ].

Wowww, 3D wehhh.
1st time watched 3D in cinema.

Around 7, set out to OU.
Then, went to take our tickets.
Go eat dinner, Nasi Lemak.

We went in to the cinema around 8.
Because the movie started at 8.30pm.
We took our 3D glasses outside the door.
Woow, felt so excited.
Movie started, I wear my 3D spec.
Oh My, 3D movie really dinn't have chinese translate.
My broken english, hard to know them talking what.
Only some simply english I know.
How pity me.TT
So just watched their body action.XD

The car inside the movie, was soooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!
Super duper yeng!!
Dunno want say what word to describe it.
It was tooooooooooo.............................Awwwwwwwwwwww!

Hmm, just that all.
* Altough I felt that movie was some boring.


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Back!~

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo, Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss me ???
Yea, I do miss you all!

Okaysssssssss, Now I dunno wanna post wat at here.
Because too many things want to post ady.
But, man man come larr.XD

Later I gonna go for Kasturi's birthday party!
This is the first time party at 2011!
Hmmm, hope later I can enjoy about it!

Okaysss, bye lorrr..
Wait my next post !


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey Guys! Many day dinn't upate my blog ady.
Me started busy after school reopen.
Everyday my time full of tuition, homeworks and blaaa..
Make dao me few time to relax and online. X(
I dislike Form 4 life! It is so stress to me!
Can't blame anymore.
It's can't change also.TT

Okays. Skip.
See my title ?
11.1.11 What a special number!
Like it. 

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Thursday, January 06, 2011


Today, I wanna post about my birthday present.
Altough my birthday was past ady.XD

Zang zang...
The picha.
 Stawberry, but can't be eaten. 
A cute cup. Bear bear.XD

A telephone charm.
Somemore have chocolate.
Wow..4 type presents. :]
So many weh.
Haha. Your birthday I also din give you present.

And the chocolate I haven eat yet.
Later spoil.
Hmm, I haven mention the people, 
That's people is Poh Yee, who gave me so many presents.
Thankssss alot yeah! 
Next time 5 type presents orh? x] hahaa.
Just kidding lar.
Anyway, thanks ur presents and I like ur presents so much!♥

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Monday, January 03, 2011

New Class, New Life, New Friend

Today is the first day of school.
I'm happy at first because can meet my friends again and we are in the same class.
But happy in this minutes, next minutes become sad!

The teacher was make some different.
4A,4B,4C and 4D student's will be changed their class or mantain on their own class.
Wanna changed class?!!!! I don't want. TT

Teacher annouced 4A's student name first.
I pray hard while teacher annouced.
Please don't call my name.
I don't want in 4A.
Unfortunely, my name was annouced!!
Mood Down. :'(

Poh Yee, Jeat Yinn, Kheng Fai, Xiao Min and me were been called by teacher.
That means 4A will be going our new class.
Say truth, I don't know how survive in that class.
Competitiveness is strong and half of them I don't know.
Walao Ehh, I can't accept lorh! !我接受不到咯!

This year, 4A till 4D had change the name.
4A = 4 Einstein
4B = 4 Edison
4C = 4 Archimedes
4D = 4 Newton.
Izit difficult to remember?XD
why want change lai change qu lehh..><
Ma fan.

Another sad news is my chinese class was not same like my friends.
Seperate again.TT
Meant that I have just recess time and before school time .
So few time lorh.
Our relationship, will it change?
Haihhh, dunno larrr..TT

Form 4 honeymoon life? I dont think so!
Now, feel abit stress ady.
Tak tau will die on add math,biologi,chemistry  those subject anot.


发泄finish le...

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

School reopen.

Today is the last day of my lovely holiday.
Start tomorrow, I gonna sleep early and wake up early.
I don't want to face it. TT
Just like the photo below.
Closed my eyes.!XD
I dinn't prepare yet!
Oppsss, many thing haven buy.
Books, bottle, bag, pencil case........
Last minutes only gan jiong about school things.XD

Tomorrow, start my Form 4 life. :)
Dunno my Form 4 life will become how.
Just look forward it bah.
The first post of 2011. :]

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!


Hey buddies! Today is the first day of 2011!
And I like the number too!

Forget 2010's sad thing, welcome 2011!
Between, we all old one year ady!
Sad thing.TT

In 2010, I had a lot happy memories with my lovers! XD
This year, we also wanna happy always!
We wanna be more gambateh in this year!
Fighting everyone!

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