Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teachers Day.

As usual, I went to school today.
But, no need bring any books today.
Because today is the day for the teachers.

This year performance, not bad.
But not as good as last year.
This year no drama, hip hop less.
Many students took part in singing.

I like this part the most!
Ridz and Sharvesh turned to become girl.
They were too beautiful! 
Let's see the picha.

Left : Sharvesh Right : Ridz

OMGGGG again! Ridz is too beautifulllll!! 
I shocked when I saw him!

Teachers played game too.
I like to see them argue with others group .
It was funny! :D
What group win doesn't matter, important things is it had bring a lot of fun for us.XD

Had a thing scare me.
A student from Wushu club jumped from the building just because the performance.
I know, u want act yeng.
But, your life is more important.
When he jumped down, all teachers' face from happy :)) became shocked O.O!
Including principal too.
Student, you don't think the affect after jumping.
Somemore still want fall down when jumping down.
Lagi shocked!
Haihh, i think principal will scold you cukup cukup. :P

Today's performance ended at 11.30am.
Still had a lot of time. 
12.30pm we only can go back home.
So, walked around the school.

Then, school bell rang.
Back home.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today is her big day! 

Today suprise tak?
We - Carmen Lim,Me, Kheng Fai, Jeat Yinn, Weng Zhen had prepared a suprise to her.
May Kei lie to her said that today have kawad.
Actually this just all our 诡计. 
Hiak Hiak!

But U trust it.
Weng Zhen, Carmen Lim and Kheng Fai went to buy cake.
Left me and Jeat Yinn gap Poh Yee.
Don't let her 怀疑.XD

After BC class, we went to canteen.
Finally they went back.
Kheng Fai hold the cake.
Poh Yee was shocked that time.

The cake is YUMMY! 
Cheese + bluebarry flavour.


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Friday, June 03, 2011

Chicken Run!

22/5 - Sunday

That day, I had join a run - Chicken Run.
It held at Sunway Piramid.
I woke up at 4.30am.
Early right?! ><
No choice, wanna met at Michelle's house at 6am.
Prepared finish, went to Michelle's house.
I were the first reached there. -.-
Then, had a cup of milo at there.
Because I haven had my breakfast.XD

6am, they all arrived.
Then, 出发.
Oh yea, I haven say 'they' are who.XD
They are Wenni, Xhui and Xue Wern.
There was less car on the road.

When we reached there, less people..><
The sky was dark that time.
Then, went to register first.
They gave us a telur and a icecream cone.
Sambil run sambil take it.

We reached there too early lar.
So, walked around in the shopping mall.
First time walked nobody's shopping mall, all shop closed. XD
Then, went to toilet.
Took some picture at there.
Me and Michelle.
Omg, my standing post weird .><

Before started the run, we done some exercise.
Wow, they played the song - Dynamite, Love the Way You Lie, and...
Our mood became high and high..XD
Finished exercise, started run.

The run distance was 4km.
It shorter than MCD run.
but for me, were suffered too.XD
大多数were used to walk .

Finally! I reached the End.
Horr, tired weih + thirsty.
Then had a cup of cold milo.
After that, waited Sunway Lagoon opened.
All people after the run also went to Sunway Lagoon to play.
Because we no need paid any fees.
Good right?XD

Skip ~ Skip ~ Skip ~

Played all the 水上游戏.
Then played 干的.


Okayss.Then left Sunway Lagoon.
Waited parents fetched me at Sunway Piramid.
Before that, had dinner at there.
My dinner. =]

After that, backed home.

* I had skip a lot, lazy to type.:P 


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