Friday, December 21, 2012

Sushi day.

6 Dec 2012.

That day, had date with them - Siaw Chin and Michelle.
Hehe. Michelle booked a sushi restaurant through Groupon.
They were having discount! The prize became so cheap.

Went to the restaurant located at KL.
I forgot what the restaurant name. @@

Here some photos.

Too bad, i can't eat beef. TT

After having delicious dinner, went to take some photos.


Stomachache? LOL

spot the kakak with blue shirt behind? she kept staring us when we took photo. :/

this escalator join with two floor. soooo long.

sitting escalator without forget to selca ;p

christmas is around the corner.

sooo dark /.\

with the white christmas tree.


took a photo with the long escalator before leaving.

End my day. :D
Had a nice day with them! <3 p="p">

Thursday, December 06, 2012

it's over now!

*Ping Piang Booommmmm! *
Fireworks now! HAHHAAHA.


Wait for this day till neck also become long le! XD
Now, no need everyday stay up late do revision.
Now, no need do 夜猫子 ady.
Now, no need wake up so early in da morning.
Now, no need miss my drama ady.
Now, can anytime online!

My holiday is full of outing!
Mum started nagging me about the outing! T^T
But, mum, 看在我这么努力读书熬夜的份上,给我放肆一下吧!:P
Hmm, outing make me bankrupt soon. haihh. But I still want hang out! HHAHA.

Here only half of my notes / homeworks in these two years!
Still have a lot on my table!
All wanna recycle now! :D
I missed the tuition life now. LOL
Almost everyday rush here rush there.
Missed every monday, wednesday, thursday and friday, walked to tuition with buddies!
Missed the days we chat fei hua at mamak.
Missed the road we used to walk :p
Missed the hot weather! 
Missed how we complain about the weather!
Missed how we said we were tired of walking!
There were so many things I gonna to miss TT
这些日子,很难再有了 TT

Thanks for your everything! 
Thanks for your 细心教导!
Although sometimes I didn't do your homework. 
sooooryyyy! I admit. ><
And, I had tried my best on my spm! 
Hope wont let you dissapointed! :DD

I believe this! 

 ♥  ♥