Sunday, July 20, 2014

Uni life and SemBreak!

Have been 6 months didn't update my blog since my previous post. Hahaaa. Too busy? (excuse, always) anyways, I have started my one month plus sem break. yeshh! imma happy kid now. heheheh.

Let's talk about uni life first. I have decided to pick IT course in Taylor's University after struggling for months. :o "Why you pick IT?!" "What let you wanna pick IT?".... okay.. these are the questions they will ask once they knew what I'm studying now. hahah. actually I have no idea what to study for in degree. but since I have interested in technology and computer, so this the main reason I pick IT. (hope it's the right choice.><)

as you all know, there are boys > girls study for IT. so, the girls in my course only have 1/4 compare to the boys. less right?! HAHA. started my first year degree on end on march and now it's July! time flies, all I can say! we had gone through our presentations, test, final... yea.. and soon, we will step into our sem2 which we have to be hardcore again! urghhh. I hope time can pass slowly as I can enjoy my holiday. :(

there are too much to say in one post and .. i lazy to type it out too. hahah *forgive my laziness* :')