Saturday, January 12, 2013

The last year of 2012!

31 Dec.

Celebrated with friends at the curve. 
who are them?
; pohyee, carmen, kienling, boonlee, wenni, xhui, khengfai and gan. 
huiyi and bryan were absent :(

had our dinner at Bulgogi Brothers @ the curve, which is a korean restaurant :)

The tv was playing korean idols songs, of course la, that is a korean restaurant, bu ran play chinese songs meh :p

Our food came..


after finishing eating, selca time! HAHAHA!
this is what will girls do when meet. :p


habis makan, went to the stage.

We followed Gan to go infront of the stage.
But... those perfomance singer are malays. 
They sang malays songs which I never heard before TT
And they were so HIGHHH.
I dont know they HIGH what -.-
Damn sien there.

So, we decided 脱离人海.
To breathe some fresh air!
Met our ex-seniors.
chit-chat there.

There was a zone ; SPRARYING ZONE.
Snowing there. LOL
Of course, we went there too.
Bought spraying bottle.
keep aiming others to spray.

HOHOHOHO! All of us became snowman. :p

0000am coming soon.
We went to the crowded place again.
Most dissapointed thing , there was no 3..2..1..., no people shouted, the fireworks released earlier!
Is this call a countdown? LOL
Not in a high mood. URGHHH!
suan liaoo. enjoyed the fireworks. 

Went to eat supper.
Then, all of them came my home for overnight.
When reached home, it's already 3.
i break my record. TT
Luckily parents no scold me.


<3 p="p">

Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas Day.

I knew it's late for me to update this post.
Due to my laziness. ^___^

Let share with you all how I spent my christmas day with them.

24 Dec. 

Went to xhui house for bbq party.
They had prepared those ingredient.
For me, just had to bring my empty stomach :))

Boys, 起火.
Girls, watched boys to up the fire ;p

Coal had become red.
Started our bbq.
We had no the chicken wing stick to bbq.
So, borrowed from keat ming's house. 

Started to eat! We all were sooo hungry! 

Clean up. Bath. Sing K.

We all were waiting for the 00.00am.
And we also recorded a video to her - Carmen Lim.
The only one who absent in this party because she had to follow her parents go to her brother's house. 
Awww :( 

We were singing christmas song that time! :D


 these are the presents we prepared to exchange. :))

Everyone got their presents. 

xhui, the house owner :p

bryan, the daren.

hui yi, anime fan.

kheng fai, the noisy-est person.

kien ling and chin neng. they 中头奖了!XD
what present they had received? hmm, it secret. :x 

boon lee and wen ni (the fei king )

champagne time! 

here some photos we took due to our boredom. :p

group photo! :D
spot someone with blue shirt? XD

two gay lou @@

my decorated ginger bread. yea, it's failed. /.\

took a lot selca. somemore are 5连拍,不宜外泄 XD

played mahjong with bryan, gan, fai and kien ling.
OMGG! We can't stop it.
Had addicted to it. :O
We played whole night.
We didn't sleep. (Y)
But it's fun. hehe

Morning, cooked breakfast.
After that, 赌王赌后lam dai ady.
All became 'pig'.
Tired die. ~.~

around 2pm, homesweethome.
I did not follow them for movie.
My eyes were hardly open that time. ><

My chritsmas day, well spent with them. <3 p="p">
the first year celebrate with friendsss!

- stay tune :) -