Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthdayyy! :D

Heyyyy, happy birthdayy ahh! :D

Hmm, u said u want a long post for this. But, try my best la! XD

16 years old loh.
Old ady.
Next year SPM, ga yao la!

Hmmm, we know each other 4 years i think xD
Long daooo~~


Be happy always!

Zavier Chong.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2PM concert ticket!

Dang dang dang dangg~~~!!!
This post is about the surprise.

Last friday, my friend - Carmen was calling to the 8tv to win tickets.
We just want to test our luck.
If lucky, we can get the call.
We really called many tiimes.
Over 100 times ady!
The 100 times always are 'your num has dial is ....'
Means fail to call.
But we no give up!
Keep calling!
Suddenly, 'du du~~',
Appeared on carmen's phone.
OMG! That person accepted carmen's call!
Really unbelieveable when carmen talked with the person.

When she sang 2PM's song, the MC were :O <-- shocked. because it was so good! Yea! WE WIN RM638 TICKETS! This is my first time and also carmen go to concert! The concert is on tomorrow. 25 - 11 - 2011! FRIDAY! Wohoooo!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Dinner Eve.


Last Friday night, I attended my tuition teacher - Ms Ng wedding dinner eve.
Before that, I went to my friend house.
And that day really was a big surprise for me and carmen!
What surprise? 
Check out the next post bah. ;)

After eating, we played game.
That game was really fun.
Hmm, we used poker card. Then we set our own fake name.
When we take the card same with other, we need to call the fake name which is the one taking the card.
I don't know how to explain la. :P
Something like this.XD

Around 11pm, home sweet home.

Here some photo :

Really like this photo.
Got feel. ;)

Forever sweet yea. ;D

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- fight for your happiness. -

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday OU big offer! 
but only in JUSCO. XD
Many people went there.
Especially aunties. :P
I bought many snacks.

After bought finish, I with my brother went to find Chatime.
Go OU so many times but still dont know where is Chatime shop located.
Finally, yesterday i knew where the Chatime is. :D


Hmm, taste not bad.
Next time buy others flavour again.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sejarah tuition.

Can you all see the list below?
Hmm, is my history tuition time.

Two days I have to tuition from 4 to 10.
6 hours!
Sure will be very tired for me.

If the teacher did not off for 2 months,I think wont tuition so long.
Nevermind bah.
At home also boring.
Better go to tuition.
Can chat with friends.:D


- fight for your happiness. -

RM 100!

Today went to school to take 100 bucks.
Each student has 100 bucks.
Our government very good right? XD

Thanks for my friends sms or call me.
If not, I will not know that got this new!
100 bucks, not very big amount.
But, if each family got many children, all add up are big amount! 
Can go out have a good dinner with family ady! 

- fight for your happiness -