Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm coming back again! *wink* Have to admit that i'm really too free, nothing to do, wanna share something…that's why the purpose i came here. hhahaha.

went to carmen's house. she made lunch for us. i forgot what the dish called. :p it's a type of korean food. this was her first time cooking it and not bad lahh! i still can swallow it HAHA :p thennnn…. we went to find pohyee. the last time i met her was at dec 2013?! hmm, quite long ady. we really didn't meet up for a long time. and of course, when girls together the thing they will do is chit chat and selca. But we didn't selca for this time! weird right?! hahhaa. which we will normally do. :p

listened many stories from py. Is like that laaaa. almost one month didn't meet, sure happened many things around her. some more we are not studying in the same place anymore. we have to go out very often okay! hahaha. and i was quite surprised for the stories :p

don't know why, recently, we like to talk about relationship! HAHA. okay la, we have grown up okay?! Already mature to talk this kind of thing :p and we like to imagine the scene of the future.. influenced by those kdrama! OMG. those kdrama 害人不浅啊! 我们竟然幻想这么多… maybe we are too 'dry' HAHA. staying at home most of the time not good for us ahhh! :p

okay, i had spent some time to read back my previous post. my grammar and my sentences to type in my post were damn FUNNY!! it's just like a kid. Can't stop laughing when i reading them. kept on thinking why i would type this kind of post.. how dare am i?! HAHHA. but if time return back, i would think it was normal… because i had read some of my friends' blogs too!! their post also damn funnyyyy!!! 谁没有过去呢~ tho, it was the best memories for me. and this is the advantage of having a blog too hehee.

staytune :)